Banners & Branding For Your Business

Stickm’s wallpapers and wall logos are the perfect custom business branding solution for your organisation. We can create large custom quality decals and wallpapers with your business’ logo that are easy to clean, remove, and reuse, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of placing your logo anywhere you like. Our wallpapers can incorporate just your logo or enjoy a variety of graphics to suit your professional niche. 70% of business owners use both online and offline channels to reach their audience; allow us to take care of your offline marketing with our custom logo decals. Not only are our decals the perfect custom business branding solution, they also introduce your business to various business benefits; making your logo visible anywhere and everywhere offers more advantages than you may think.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

We all know the saying; first impressions last. More often than not, your logo is the first aspect of your business to meet your customer. Before you even get a chance to introduce yourself, your business has already made a first impression on your customer through your logo. Your logo establishes your company’s niche to the customer, and invites them to learn more about your company.

So you have done the hard yards to create an engaging and illustrative logo, what now? Now you want your customers to see it! With our custom business branding through large custom logo decals and wallpapers, you can effectively communicate to your customers that you’re not only proud of your logo, but you’re committed to your brand! Add your logo to a custom wallpaper for your office or create a custom logo decal for your board room and your customer will have no choice but to assume your brand is nothing but professional and committed.

Consistency is the key

Once your business has established a professional first impression with the customer, your business can determine its brand identity. Your brand identity is basically an expression and reflection of your organisation’s culture, character, personality, and products and services. Visually, your logo and office wallpaper are the best ways to display your brand identity, and what better way to display your brand identity than with consistency. Maintaining a consistent and visible logo within your workplace, work objects, wallpaper, and offline marketing allows your customers to differentiate your brand identity to others in the market, and demonstrates your business’ ability to align with its values. Our custom business branding takes your logo and creates consistent branding across a range of channels.

Being memorable equals getting picked

Consistency doesn’t just establish a professional and reputable brand identity, it also makes your business more memorable. It isn’t rocket science to know the more your customers see your custom business branding, the stronger their connection will be to your brand. Your customers may not be able to remember specific details, but they will remember a brand the more often they see it, and more importantly, they will remember your impressive wall decal or wallpaper in your office. When your customer establishes a familiarity with your brand, they also establish a memory and a connection, and become more likely to choose a brand they are familiar with.

This means you want your business’ logo to be anywhere and everywhere. The more your customers see your logo, the more likely they are to trust your business. Our custom business branding allows your logo to be anywhere; establish your professionalism on the walls of your reception, or liven up your lunchroom for your valued employees.

Signage is intelligence made visible

When your business invests in custom business decals, it is not only projecting a stable impression on your customers, it is also developing permanent exposure. This long-term permanent exposure to your custom business branding allowed your customers to establish a connection with your brand identity; a brand identity you created on your own terms. The best part is that our stickers and decals are not permanent, so if you’re over the exposure or you move location, you can simply take them down and move them with you.

While this all makes perfect sense, it essentially boils down to making sure your brand is seen. We want your business to be recognisable, memorable and notable! We truly believe having your business’ logo as a wall sticker or decal, or a graphic wallpaper, establishes a professional work environment and brand kit. There’s nothing better than being proud of your business, and what better way to show your customers than with our custom business branding. We’re passionate about sticking your brand wherever you like, and then being able to pull it off and stick it somewhere else! Want to move the wallpaper in the board room to behind your receptionist’s desk, or even the door to your office? Easy!

What makes Stickm’s custom business branding different to other brands?

Our business decals and wallpapers are removable

Our special low-tack adhesive ensures our decals leave no sticky residue or damage to your walls. This means they are easy to remove or reposition: a landlord or tenant’s dream! If you move offices, or rearrange the furniture, it’s easy to remove our business decals and reposition them to anywhere in your office.

Our business decals and wallpapers are reusable

We worked hard to ensure our custom wall decals and wallpapers are the highest of quality, so they can be reused again and again. New office? No worries, just peel your graphic wallpaper off and move it to the new property. Decided to make your old board room a spare office? Easy, just pull your custom wall decal off the wall!

Our business decals and wallpapers are durable and easy to clean

We know how easy it is to damage walls around the workplace. Wear and tear, and dirty fingerprints can quickly lower customer expectations of your services. Applying full wall decals to high traffic areas not only create a great visual aspect for your business but also protect walls from damage and dirt. Our fabric is much more robust than paint, and much easier to clean — saving money and time in the long run. Once your lease is up, simply remove our wall decals and the walls will be as good as new.

Our business decals and wallpapers are Australian-made and environmentally friendly

All our custom business branding wall decals and wallpapers are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. This means we are not only accessible, but you will get 100% Australian customer service and quality. Also, because our wall stickers are reusable, they are designed to reduce landfill and our carbon footprint. By using our decals, your business will increase its CSR by illustrating a commitment to the environment.

Still not convinced our custom business branding is the permanent, but also temporary, logo solution you have been looking for? Check out our video on how to stick our Stickm decals on your wall, and witness the magic happen! Our video also shows you how easy it is to peel off your Stickm wallpaper, banner or decal.