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Superhero Theme Personalised Birthday Poster

$70.00 $50.00

Personalised Poster Dimensions (42cm x 59.4cm)

– High Quality Woven Fabric
– Non-Toxic Ink
– Self Adhesive
– No Borders
– Easy to Apply and Remove
– Reusable
– Waterproof
– Rental Friendly


Superhero Wall Stickers

from $49.00

Zap! Pow! Wham! Supervillain Tic-Tok is planning to steal your most prized possessions. Can you vanquish the scurrilous scoundrel and save the day before time runs out? Make your child the superhero of the day surrounded by super-fun, superhero wall decals in classic retro style.

These removable, reusable, premium superhero wall stickers are guaranteed to pack a powerful punch and create a supercharged atmosphere, wherever they’re placed.

Available in mini, small or large pack sizes:

– Mini Packs are suitable to fill small feature areas in bedrooms, playroom or nursery’s. Includes 1 sheet of decals (0.42 x 0.60m)

– Small packs are suitable to fill 1 standard bedroom wall (2.4m x 2.7m) with adequate spacing. Includes 1 sheets of decals (0.73m x 1.2m).

– Large packs are suitable to fill 2 standard bedroom walls (2.4m x 2.7m) or larger areas with adequate spacing. Includes 2 sheets of decals (0.73m x 1.2m).